August 13, 2014 in Letters, Opinion

Anti-abortion, silent on penalty


I have written to Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers many times on many subjects and have received a timely response to most letters, with the exception of one. I have asked for Cathy’s position on the appropriate punishment for a woman and/or those who assist her in her choice to have an abortion, and have received no response.

Given that Cathy believes that abortion is murder, that abortion should only be used to save the life of the mother, and wants to reverse Roe v. Wade, as to outlaw abortion, including some forms of birth control, it seems appropriate that she spell out what she thinks the punishment for having or assisting in an abortion would be.

Currently, Washington state’s punishment for murder includes life in prison and the death penalty. Would Cathy support these punishments for a woman having an abortion or those who assist her, including family members, friends or the doctor performing the abortion? If not, why not? Who will she tax to provide the needed prison cells? What’s her position? She should be specific.

Kent Rinne

Otis Orchards

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