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Fri., Aug. 15, 2014

GOP ‘war for women’ a farce

The War for Women is a farce. After voting four times against laws to improve pay levels for women, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers and her Republican cohorts play on Democratic words without really meaning it; just another obstructive, meaningless action to delay and obfuscate from Cathy and her misogynistic bedfellows.

Are there female readers out there who really think the men in the Republican Party respect and trust Cathy’s presence? They’re using her the same way they used Sarah Palin. She’s the token female to show the (clueless) female voters that they’re being respectfully considered. Whether through ambitious calculation or naivete, Cathy and Sarah have justified the “clueless” label by allowing themselves to be manipulated.

The Republicans have repeatedly shown their disdain for women. There may be a few good men in that party, but their good intentions are smothered by the nasty aggression of the rest. Once, Republicans were the “party of the people.” Not anymore. Their aims are not those of the people, but of themselves. My dad had a saying about people like this: They think, “after me, you come first!” Is this who we want to govern us?

C’mon ladies, let’s boot ’em out!

Ren Gron

Clarkston, Washington