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Depression is not a ‘demon’

No words can express the loss of a gift like Robin Williams. As I watched the news, I was just sickened by the continued use of the phrase he was “fighting his demons.” No demons exist. Robin had a terrible and viable disease: depression. It is not a mythological evil spirit. Still, in the news, they do not get it. If you have cancer, do they say you are fighting your demons? No! He died from a disease, not a satanic demon.

So many suffer from this thing that sucks the will to move on and live out of your mind. No visible injuries. No one can see it. Get help. Watch your friends and talk. Take action. I have the disease and I fight it every day. All the material things you want and people who love you cannot cure it. I hope God sees this as a disease so Robin will be in the arms of heaven’s love now. He certainly deserves it.

Michael Genteman

Liberty Lake


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