August 16, 2014 in Letters, Opinion

Letter language inaccurate


Regarding “Her ads are sickening,” Aug. 8: Let’s have some fun parsing Terry Kolemaine’s letter. We see the words: “sick,” “screaming,” “relentlessly,” “faint odor of desperation,” “resent,” “diatribe,” “synthetic,” “saccharine,” “fake,” “nauseating,” and then, ends with the implication of a conspiratorial “real agenda.” Those are words and phrases used by someone whose hair is on fire.

None of these words or phrases is used in the ads for Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers. She talks about your freedoms and God-given rights. In fact, I find her ads to be rather comforting, for I am an unapologetic conservative. Neither our dear representative nor I have to hide behind the misleading and dishonest label of “independent.”

So, I guess this person, with the androgynous name “Terry,” would be better off telling us that he/she is supporting someone who’s in favor of the job-killing, so-called Affordable Care Act, higher taxation, higher energy costs and more regulation. That would be a little more truthful, and a little more helpful.

Frank Hagen


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