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Letters to the Editor

Sat., Aug. 16, 2014

Republicans try misdirection

Congratulations, Republican leadership. Your talent for duplicity has reached astonishing levels. Oh, yes, you are perfection personified at covering up your enormous moral, economic and political sins by blaming others for your failings.

Yup, a classic job of misdirection. It seems you’ve been a great student of the Russian military and political concept of maskirovka (deception). Putin would be so proud. You’ve left the Democratic leadership floundering in your wake when it comes to political prevarication: no small accomplishment here; the Democrats aren’t amateurs in this, after all.

Unfortunately, in congratulating yourself on these base accomplishments of yours, you’ve left the country and your fellow citizens in the lurch. Hmm.

Can you say “economy,” “debt,” “infrastructure,” “education,” “jobs,” “veterans,” “manufacturing” or “health”? Of course not.

Perhaps worst of all, you effectively instigated the ongoing massive misuse of our military. Afghanistan after 2001? Yes! Absolutely! Our war with violent Islam, “a vile enmity so focused on destroying us,” will undoubtedly take decades. But then you threw our nation’s treasure “and our youth’s blood” at the abomination that is Iraq.

So, now, what about the resurgent Russia? Are you forgetting China, too? Don’t we have enough enemies and issues without manufacturing them?

Donald Capstick


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