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Sun., Aug. 17, 2014

Gaza fight ‘profoundly misread’

My response to Marianne Torres is that it is her Aug. 10 letter, “Equal rights in Gaza,” that is, in her own words, “such a profound misreading of this struggle.” Every time Israelis lay down their arms, they get nothing but more rocket fire and the demand to give up more land. The country is already the size of New Jersey and the world demands they give up more? What country on Earth is not allowed to defend itself? It’s every country’s right except for Israel, I guess. Fortunately, we can know how this all will end. The Bible predicted that Israel would become a nation again one day, and it happened in 1948. It also says that they will never again be uprooted from their land.

Also, to refer to the gas found in “Palestinian waters” is also false. The word “Palestine” is such a politically charged word. It’s not in Palestinian waters, it’s in Israeli water. And perhaps it is time to end the occupation of the sign in Spokane off Interstate 90 that calls for the boycott of Israel. Boycott anti-Semitism.

Mike Maxwell