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Imported apple juice a shame

I was astounded recently to discover that the apple juice I buy to drink was spoiled and evidently fermented. Normally, I wouldn’t question this except that this is the second bottle/same brand in a week that was bad. All of these came from the same store and were under the same name. I checked the use date, and there was still a year or more left to use by.

But the biggest surprise was that these were bottled in China! We are subsidizing our apple industry, and they can’t make apple juice here in the state? Unbelievable. I checked on other brands of the store shelf and found they were bottled in Argentina! You can bet that I have stopped drinking apple juice and I will be sure that I check the labels on other consumables. This isn’t the first time I have experienced food spoilage from this store. And all of it was imported products. Shame on the U.S. Department of Agriculture and shame on us for letting this happen.

We are hurting for jobs here in this country and we farm out the basic processing jobs to the countries that hate us. What is wrong with that picture? We had a great country once, but I guess that greed has started our downfall. God bless America, for the short time it has left.

Theron Potter



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