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Obama, Reid are dictators

Ah yes, I think I get it now. President Obama goes to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and says, “Harry, I want you to table everything coming out of the House of Representatives unless it is favorable to us. Then I will run around the countryside giving speeches and tell everyone that because the Republicans won’t pass any legislation, I will do everything by executive order. I have a pen and a telephone and I don’t need Congress.” And Harry says to Obama, “Yes sir, I will do everything in my power to stop those evil Republicans in their tracks.”

So now we have a dictator in the Senate that is supporting the dictator in the White House. And next we get letters to the editor from Democrats that tell how the do-nothing Congress headed by the Republicans is not passing the legislation that is desperately needed by the country to solve our internal problems. I believe that is called propaganda. Does anyone think we need a change?

Gary Challender

Spokane Valley