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Tax extension raises taxes

What do you mean “it will not raise taxes”? (Aug. 10) Continuing taxes that are due to expire is the same as raising new taxes. Don’t let politicians or newspapers tell you anything different.

You work hard to pay off your mortgage in 20 or 30 years. You finally get it paid off and then you take out a new loan so you can continue paying. Is that the new American dream?

In 2007, we were told it would be a 20-year bond. Instead, it’s going to be another new 20 years (and then?). Maybe Hoopfesters and Pig Outters could be charged an extra $1 (just a thought).

What ever happened to preventative maintenance and pay as you go? Why all of a sudden is it in such disrepair that it needs a $60 million revitalization?

Bill Hachman