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Tue., Aug. 19, 2014

McMorris Rodgers a Medicare foe

I am a senior whose primary health coverage is Medicare. Recently, I received a mailing from Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers in which she puts the fear of losing Medicare out there to seniors. She says Medicare is being reduced by a “staggering $700 billion,” and Medicare Advantage has been cut by over 10 percent. She also states, “I’m committed to protecting Medicare.”

Fact: Obamacare’s reduction of $716 billion in Medicare spending over 10 years was money paid to insurers and hospitals, not beneficiaries. It cuts Medicare waste and fraud. The Obamacare law does not rip Medicare money away from recipients.

Fact: Medicare Advantage: Yes, there are changes as government funding to the program, medical costs, and market dynamics change. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services says there are no cuts this year. Is McMorris Rodgers committed to protecting Medicare?

Fact: She voted for the Rep. Paul Ryan budget that would drastically overhaul and end Medicare as seniors know it, and replace it with a voucher program.

Answer: No!

Fact: McMorris Rodgers is a member of the most dysfunctional and partisan Congress in our history. Is it in the interest of seniors to re-elect her? This senior says no!

Phyllis Kardos