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Feedback: What did you do for a milestone birthday?

Fri., Aug. 22, 2014, midnight

We asked our Facebook friends what they did for a milestone birthday. Here’s a sampling of the answers.

Julie Shepard-Hall

To celebrate our 50th birthday, my friend and I went to Italy for 10 days.

Bill Clatworthy

Haven’t had it yet but it’s coming. Going to Philadelphia to spend my 70th with my kids.

Lindsey Marie Bekemeyer

For my Golden Birthday (24 on the 24th) I rented the Looff Carousel! I also hired a photographer because I asked my guests to dress up.

Julie Hogan

Contracted walking pneumonia

Tammy Innamorato

13 years ago, I turned 40 years old in Seattle at the top of the Space Needle! I went up at 11:45 p.m., 39 years old and came down 40 minutes later at 12:25, 40 years old! Super cool for someone who’s afraid of heights!

Janet Boehme

Ran Diva Half Marathon in San Francisco with twin sister for 70th celebration.

LaReena Holland

My sister Allison Rosato took me to fly a plane at Spokane Airway for my 16th birthday.

Margi De Barr Lowry

Same thing I do every year: Call my mother and thank her for giving birth to me. After all, she did all the work. All I did was show up.

Nichole Burrell-Crosby

Had a huge cocktail party at my house and had all the guests bring an item to donate to Spokanimal. The next day I drove a literal truckload of supplies to the shelter. It was the best birthday ever!

Carly Gannon

My husband flew me to Vegas with a friend to see New Kids on the Block for my 40th!

Robin Hansen McLain

I just had my 50th and had 3 small parties in 3 days! Dinner Saturday night, brunch cruise Sunday morning and lunch on the actual day. They were all unique and memorable and a very enjoyable way to start (a new) decade.

Darcy Yount Clute

Spokane Party Bus!

Erin Myers Rogers

Surprised my hubby with a trip to Scotland.

Patrick Karr

40th – 156 people, two bands, great summer barbecue at home. 50th – quiet family gathering, celebrate birth of grandson 9 days earlier, Guinness cake from Bucer’s in Moscow.

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