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The Slice: Still possible to have fun after marriage

Fri., Aug. 22, 2014

Not everyone’s life has been exactly the same, of course.

But in talking to friends and co-workers over the years, you might have noticed something.

A lot of us can pinpoint the year or two when we actually went out and did stuff. You know, attended concerts, went to see plays, saw movies in theaters, et cetera.

For many, this is also known as “the year or so before we got married.”

OK, OK, I know. People don’t necessarily call a halt to seeking destination entertainment after the nuptials. Actual married couples have been spotted at all sorts of performing arts venues and restaurants right here in the Spokane area. Lots of times.

I’m just saying that when you talk to people about live shows they have seen and concerts they have attended, it almost invariably turns out that a high percentage of these adventures in night life took place during an intensive period of premarital ticket buying.

This dating frenzy doesn’t always lead to the altar, of course. But when couples do wind up marrying, they often can look back at the time before exchanging vows as an exhilarating, some might say exhausting stint as members of one audience after another.

If you doubt this thesis, try listening harder. I’ll bet that you will discover at least half of your neighbor’s or podmate’s concert or play memories come from, say, 1987 or 2005.

What would be your year?

The reasons that the pace of going out sometimes slows down a bit after marriage are well known and do not require restating here. Still, it’s worth noting that married couples don’t actually shrivel up and blow away.

They just start attending “family friendly” events. And they reminisce about the salad days, back when going out did not involve wrangling strollers or bargaining with a babysitter.

But as I said, your mileage may vary.

Warm-up question: Did everyone who spent time in old-school teachers’ lounges get lung cancer?

Today’s Slice question: What would be a good pick-up line for a single person to use at next week’s Pig Out in the Park?

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