August 23, 2014 in Letters, Opinion

‘Jew’ headline offensive


I don’t know who decides what headline to write at the top of a story, but the uninformed person that approved it needs to understand what is offensive and what isn’t.

“Jew suing hospital for cremating his amputated leg (Aug. 18).” The word “Jew,” to a Jewish person when written in that headline, is offensive. I’m sure you could have chosen a more appropriate heading. Something like “Orthodox Jewish man suing hospital …” Or “Observant Jewish man …” Something along those lines.

True, Jews are oftentimes sensitive about how their religion is used after so many hundreds of years of anti-Semitism, so let this be a lesson in sensitivity training.

I’ll chalk the error up to the editors at The Spokesman-Review being uninformed novices, nothing intentionally offensive.

Stephen Berde


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