August 23, 2014 in Letters, Opinion

Public letting politicians slide


Among the few things I took away from my Civics class 35 years ago was a vague understanding of our nation’s system of governance. Mainly, that the people stand in authority and our government representatives serve at their bidding.

Recently, it’s being reported by the media on both left and right that there is a distinct division amongst our representatives, as well as within the citizenry. Democrats claim the tea party is mostly to blame, and Republicans lay blame, squarely, at President Obama’s feet.

Although the division clearly exists, the responsibility lies with neither of the above named parties. No, unfortunately, we who stand in authority and elect those representatives are solely to blame. We ceded our governing authority to those representatives long ago, and they have merely exploited our weaknesses. Subsequently, we have become increasingly dependent on them to satiate our greed.

For the most part, the U.S. Constitution has done well to manage those representatives. However, apparently unforeseen by our Founding Fathers was a steady descent toward an epidemic of moral depravity and forsaking of the principles of responsibility and accountability within the primary governing body: the people.

Don Hood

Spokane Valley

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