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Sun., Aug. 24, 2014

McMorris Rodgers, Palin are admirable women

There have been some recent letters expressing mean-spirited criticism of Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Sarah Palin. Both these women advocate a smaller, less expensive and intrusive government that adheres to the Constitution and object to the abuse of presidential power that circumvents the Congress. They are both responsible citizens and exceptional mothers and wives, and descendants of hard-working and middle-income parents. As soon as the “big government” people identified them as serious about reducing government, they immediately started to ridicule and vilify them.

Cathy served several terms in the Washington Legislature, and now five terms in the U.S. House of Representatives while achieving increased respect and influence. Palin’s background and achievements are exceptional: school board president, city council chairman, city mayor and governor of Alaska with an 85 percent approval rating (the highest in the nation) when she was selected to run as a vice presidential candidate. Everyone should be proud and grateful that we have such quality people participating in U.S. politics.

Dave Hamer