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Sun., Aug. 24, 2014

Too many veterans on disability

Regarding “Vets’ claims rising sharply” (July 27):

This article really pushed my “veteran buttons”! It seems that this new generation of vets is benefiting from a very generous government. Combat-injured vets should be scratching their heads.

I do not begrudge vets being properly compensated for injuries incurred while on active duty. I expect no less from our government. However, I have a major problem with the extent of today’s numerous medical scams; after-service compilation of medical records establishing new disabilities/claims, and the expectation that if you served in the military that somehow you’re disabled. Forty-three percent of Afghanistan and Iraq war vets have joined the disability ranks. Come on!

I’m a Vietnam-era Army vet (1967-1971) infantry platoon leader who stepped on a grenade, which resulted in my incurring some “disabilities.” Purged medical records, systematic denials, numerous appeals got me to 90 percent. I was satisfied for 25 years. My aging body started to break down. Filed a new claim and experienced same old Veterans Aid denials. Am currently 100 percent disabled.

Granted, the article in reference was written in California, where too many liberals live. However, I understand better why it’s so difficult to see a VA doctor!

Merrick Meinhold

Kettle Falls