August 25, 2014 in Letters, Opinion

Plaza must be downtown


I’ve been riding buses regularly in Spokane since 1987, and am grateful for the wonderful service received and for the drivers who give such caring and friendly service. The problems around the Spokane Transit Authority Plaza are intrinsic to downtown, and would still be there if STA were moved.

Homelessness and crime will not be resolved by moving STA. All of the people and organizations that operate downtown need to coordinate and find positive solutions without making hardships for those of us who are totally dependent upon the buses for transportation. STA always needs to be in the downtown hub for the advantage of everyone, including those who don’t use the buses but need the business of those who do.

The suit-and-tie folks of the business community need to realize that those who look unacceptable to them are still human beings who have dignity and need to be respected and appreciated. Oftentimes, crimes are done in corporate offices by well-dressed folks who are never brought to justice and yet cause financial loss to millions of people.

When it comes to our differences and how we look outwardly, I look at this as a great opportunity to learn and grow rather than to be casting stones at one another.

Tom Durst

Medical Lake

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