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Rail bridge needs facelift

I read your “Spotlight” article in the Aug. 10 Today section relating to the assembling of a mural to hide the 6-year-old hole at Third Avenue and Division Street. Great idea! I just hope it is not so high that it hides all the great downtown architecture.

This introduction reminds me of a much worse eyesore down the street.

What citizens and visitors are faced with every time they exit Interstate 90 and head north onto Division is the disgusting state beneath the railroad bridge and its surrounding area. I have no idea who is responsible for its upkeep; I imagine it may be the railroad company. With all the letters to the editor I have read regarding the increasing railroad traffic and its safety issues, I would also imagine that their profits are way up.

They should be forced to renovate this tunnel of shame. The least expensive solution would be sand-blasting, pressure-washing, laying some colored concrete and two-tone painting.

Barrie Waller