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Letters to the Editor

Thu., Aug. 28, 2014

Safer gun rights

I believe in the Second Amendment. What I don’t believe is that this means guns be available and stored in personal residences in urban areas. The Second Amendment is not infringed if an agency, like a library or storage facility, were to store arms for citizens. Storage libraries could be located throughout urban areas where citizens would be able to access their arms at any time by simply checking out their weapon and communicating when they plan to check it back in. Maybe with a key from the owner and a key from the facility, like a safety deposit box at a bank.

For citizens in rural areas, the storage library is an unmanned unit that requires the individual to pass an alcohol test and maybe a blood pressure test. The storage unit is on their own property so rural citizen can defend their families from animal attacks if needed, but with two “keys” a key from the gun owner and the key of being able to pass some sort of quick test, pulse check or blood pressure or something to verify the gun will not fall into the hands of someone not capable at that time to use it.

Heidi Mitchell


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