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Fri., Aug. 29, 2014

‘Book of Mormon’ disappointing

I went to “The Book of Mormon” based in part on the review in The Spokesmen-Review. Having seen and heard it, I think the reviewer missed a couple of items.

I go to musicals and sometimes participate in them to fully absorb the music and the message. Easy to do in the past, with “Les Miserables” or “The Sound of Music” or even “Jersey Boys.” Not so with “The Book of Mormon.” I know I have lived too long when I can’t find a reason to jump up and clap and laugh out loud when the sacred name is blasphemed, when obscenities are screamed out to 1,000-decibel music that leaves not a tune worth whistling. They ridiculed Mormon beliefs and the young elders spreading the word.

I am not a Mormon, but know many. They are good people who help each other, believe in community and live it. From what I can tell, they personify what I wish this country could be, and once was. Those in attendance seemed more willing to shout down Mormons and all other religions.

We all could use something to believe in, something that might give us pause before we scoff at what others hold dear.

Jim McArthur