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Don’t steal the signs

“Sign, sign, everywhere a sign. …” That seems to be what announces campaign season. While a case can be made that campaign signs are organized litter or removable graffiti, the fact is that studies prove they do make at least some difference in voters’ choices.

However, there can be a tendency to take them too seriously, and that seems to be the case in some sections of town. Numerous people have reported that the yard sign for their favorite candidate has been stolen. While this could be just kids who want to use the material to build a skateboard ramp, the number of signs for particular candidates seems to suggest that someone really is taking this too seriously.

In addition to pointing out that stealing someone else’s property is a criminal act, it is worth noting that this is a politically stupid move. Campaign signs don’t vote. However, the people whose signs were stolen do vote, and do tell their friends and neighbors.

Dan Schaffer



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