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SUNDAY, FEB. 2, 2014

Response was empty

Well, I have just listened to Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ response, on behalf of Republicans, to the president’s State of the Union address. I was neither surprised nor disappointed in her speech, simply saddened that the 5th District’s presence in the nation’s capital has degenerated from a Tom Foley to this vacuous tool of a once-credible Republican Party.

A speech full of platitudinous sound, signifying nothing. I challenge anyone to find in her speech one plan, program or policy to address the real and serious issues facing our nation. Republicans love God, America, apple pie, guns, the free market and little children (as long as none of them need federal money).

They hate government, taxes, unions, abortion, gays, diplomacy, health reform, science, immigrants and, of course, any regulation of the rapaciousness of Wall Street. What an insult to the American electorate to present it with such pap! There are millions of children and adults who, like her son, have a disability. A modest tax increase would help provide a dignified life that their own best efforts in the free market cannot.

Charles Dorn


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