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SUNDAY, FEB. 2, 2014

If you followed the news last week, and maybe even if you didn’t, you could be a winner in our weekly news quiz.

Warm up your news memory by taking the newspaper version of the quiz, then go to for the online version, where top entries go into a drawing for a $50 gift card to the Davenport Hotel, and all entries go into a drawing for movie tickets.

1. The head of Idaho’s state liquor division reported that price-conscious Washingtonians frequently crossed into North Idaho in 2013 to buy spirits. Sales to them amounted to

A. $4 million

B. $7 million

C. $10 million

D. $12 million

E. $13 million

2. Last year in Spokane, red-light cameras caught how many violators?

A. 8,615

B. 11,258

C. 13,242

D. 16,596

E. 22,435

3. The 2014 Lilac Festival Queen is

A. Elsie Story

B. Kaylee Pearson

C. Majestic Tschabold

D. Mackenzie Claeys

E. Madisen DeGeest

4. President Barack Obama said in his State of the Union address that he will sign an executive order to raise the minimum hourly wage that federal contractors must pay to

A. $9.75

B. $10.10

C. $12.30

D. $14.65

E. $15

5. Scientists have discovered a new species of fish in the region. It’s called

A. Striped pineminnow

B. Cedar sculpin

C. Columbian trout

D. Larch catfish

E. Coulee perch

Check your work

Find answers, explanations and last week’s winners on page B10.

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