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President a dictator

In 2008, Barack Obama became president of the United States. What is a president? A leader of the country. However, there are three separate branches of government. Each branch has defined powers to check the powers of the other; a separation of powers. This separation was intended to prevent the abuse of power.

What is a dictator? An arrogant, overbearing person who makes rules and decisions without input from others. After Obama’s election to his second term, the White House petition website was flooded by a series of secession requests. Twenty states wanted to withdraw from the union. Why? Because they do not want a dictator in office.

Case in point: Obama has expanded his powers so broadly that he is governing by executive order rather than by congressional action. Quoting the president, “If Congress continues to stand only for dysfunction and delay, then I’m going to move ahead without them. I’m going to do everything that I can do without Congress,” thus ignoring the intent of the Constitution.

Like a toddler in a tantrum, he blames the other party and does what he wants anyway. Is this the voice and action of a leader? I think not.

Mindy Wright

Spokane Valley


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