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Wed., Feb. 5, 2014

She bore false witness

I would like to thank The Spokesman-Review for exposing the distorted tale about health insurance in Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ State of the Union rebuttal. This is the same type of distortion of facts that was made in selling the Affordable Care Act. The president paid for it in his popularity polls. The question I have is when did it become fashionable for politicians to bear false witness, or lie, to their constituents. It has never been acceptable to me.

From the contents of newspaper story, it was clear to me that a constituent who had an insurance policy canceled by the ACA was not going to be required to obtain a new replacement insurance policy at an increased cost of $700 per month. There were other, cheaper alternatives.

Secondly, because of Cathy’s opposition to the ACA, she and her staff deliberately failed to do due diligence, and presented in public a clearly overinflated version of facts. In my view, this is a lie.

Now, we have an example why the majority of the public believes that we need to replace Congress. The public of this country cannot afford to keep voting untruthful people to elected positions.

George Clark

Deer Park

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