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Fri., Feb. 7, 2014

Immigration ruse is obvious

I hope Republicans don’t break their arms patting themselves on the back. Actually, I do. They have come up with a tag line to avoid acting on the immigration issue: “We don’t trust Obama to enforce a new immigration law.”

Really? How transparent can they be? And how gullible do they think we are? The GOP never wanted to deal with immigration in the first place because they know their position will alienate Hispanic voters in the mid-term elections.

So, they have concocted this position of “non-trust” so they can avoid a political hot potato, while also denying Obama another landmark piece of legislation during his presidency. Saying they don’t believe Obama will enforce a new immigration law when it likely wouldn’t be enacted until late in his presidency anyway is spurious, at best.

Anyone with common sense can see through this very thinly veiled attempt to thwart any further success for this president.

Kathy Sanders


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