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The Slice: Anyone for ‘Dark Side of the Moon’?

Paul Turner, Spokesman-Review columnist. (The Spokesman-Review)

And now, here’s Part 1 of Matching Music to Medical Procedures.

“The song that is always on my mind before a surgery, ‘I Wanna Be Sedated’ by The Ramones,” wrote Dina McRae. “It works for any procedure.”

Leslie Seamon suggested Iron Butterfly’s “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” or anything by the original Spike Jones for an MRI.

Hank Greer wrote, “I’d go with The Who’s ‘See Me, Feel Me’ during a hernia check.”

For that same procedure, Leonard Hermens recommended “Hold on Loosely” by 38 Special.

“Back in my nursing days, there were periods when mass immunizations had to be given,” wrote Beth Adair. “I endured boredom by humming ‘I’ve Got You Under My Skin.’ ”

Bob Mansfield proposed Johnny Cash and “Ring of Fire” for hemorrhoid surgery.

Jeffrey Knight suggested The Doors’ version of “Back Door Man” for a colonoscopy.

On a related note, Mike Kennedy nominated Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Lookin’ Out My Back Door.”

Jeffrey Neuberger also mentioned a CCR song, saying “I Put a Spell on You” could be just the right tune to accompany administration of a general anesthetic.

Thanks to all who shared icebox memories: As I noted Monday, I received more than I could use. But they are still coming in.

Please accept this note as my grateful acknowledgement.

Slice answers: “Being a retired truck driver and having spent many hours in snow and ice putting on tire chains, my absolute favorite thing about the Winter Olympics is watching them from my warm and dry living room,” wrote Dale Helbig. “I might add that we have lived between the Silver Mountain and Lookout ski areas for 30 years and I have never been snow skiing.”

“My favorite part by far is curling,” wrote Steve Wilder. “No judging, no style points, and it looks like I could do it.”

Then there was this favorite-thing nomination from Karen Botker. “When it’s over.”

Today’s Slice question: What qualifies as truly romantic?

(Yes, the plan is to run your answers a week from today.)

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