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Sat., Feb. 8, 2014

Fagan, reverse liquor law

Violent sexual predators. That term was deployed 19 times by Susan Fagan’s publicist at the Whitman County Gazette (“Fagan vows to take on public safety in legislature,” Jan. 9). Hardly. She’s merely shuffling paperwork around offender evaluations.

But Fagan used the full weight of her elected office to lobby us to pass the initiative that closed the state liquor stores, increasing the availability of alcohol, the No. 1 drug related to crimes of violence: sexual violence, domestic violence and assaults on police officers.

Her championed initiative is creating more sexual crime. Any merchant will tell you that sales of a product will increase as you extend its availability, and advertise it.

I might not vote against her if she would apologize for her mistake, and dedicate herself to getting a bill passed that would re-establish the state liquor stores, ban the retail sales of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products and their advertisement except in the state liquor stores (and barrooms?).

Failing that, would a fiscal conservative who actually understands public safety run for Legislative District 9 representative? Please.

Wiley Hollingsworth


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