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Sat., Feb. 8, 2014

Wage bill is costly

I read about House Bill 2238, proposed by Rep. Gael Tarleton, in the Feb. 3 Spokesman-Review.

Based on this bill and other legislative actions recently (local, state and federal) the progressives want a hamburger flipper who works 20 hours a week to receive in exchange for their labor a minimum of $15 an hour, paid sick leave, employer- or government-provided medical insurance, and paid vacation.

Let’s think this through just a little. Will that part-time burger flipper (or any other minimum-wage worker) be able to afford the burger they flip or service they provide? Will they be able to afford a vacation if everyone they receive services from receives the same benefits? Will the rest of us automatically receive raises so we can afford these things?

Based on these employee costs, which businesses will survive? How many jobs will be lost to more business-friendly states? What would this add to the cost of everything you own? How much revenue will our government not collect because no one wants to do business here?

These are part-time, entry-level jobs, not careers. When will people stand up and say this madness has got to stop?

Chan Bailey


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