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Sun., Feb. 9, 2014, midnight

King’s dream year-round

Attempting to guilt-trip “all you black and white folks, the tribes, Latinos and Asians out there (Feb. 1 letter to the editor)” into attending the Dr. Martin Luther Jr. March parade next year, to me, is probably the least effective method to create interest in participation.

King’s dream was much deeper than the color of our skins. It was about economic inequality, social justice and access to health care, mental health and substance abuse services that Aaron D. Johnson, discussed in a separate Feb. 1 op-ed, wasn’t receiving.

I had the honor and privilege to help serve the homeless at the Colville Community Church. People that I work with were counseling people with chemical addictions. A vet friend of mine was snowplowing county roads so they would be safer for motorists. A local jury was deliberating the fate of a brother on trial for murder. A number of relatives were donating at Colville, Kalispel, Spokane, and Coeur d’Alene tribal casinos. A percentage of their donations is devoted to chemical dependency, developmentally disabled and senior citizen programs.

It was a day of walking, talking and providing thoughtful service to others. It would be nice to experience that all year round.

James Perkins


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