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Mon., Feb. 10, 2014, midnight

Punishment doesn’t fit

The Spokesman-Review reported Feb. 1 that Jeremy and Amber Clark, who live in North Idaho, were facing charges of injury to a child and conspiracy to conceal evidence. The charges were ultimately changed to perjury. The coroner ruled that 2-year-old Karina Moore’s death a homicide due to blunt force head trauma.

The Clarks, through their attorney, negotiated an Alford plea and were sentenced to 90 days in jail that can be served on weekends during the next 18 months, plus 300 hours of community service. They will also be on supervised probation for two years.

This small child died a tragic and brutal death in her young life. No doubt, the Clarks were very sorry for their foster daughter’s death.

It is a sad commentary when a helpless child dies at the hands of trained, licensed and paid adults who receive little, if any, punishment. Does our society, culture and the judicial system value children so little? If an adult had died, would the punishment be the same?

Cheryl Fogg


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