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Dog tragedy heart-breaking

My heart was broken when (Feb. 5) I read about the young dog that was found near Boone Avenue in the West Central neighborhood.

The poor thing weighed less than one-half of what he should have weighed. It’s bad enough that someone starved this beautiful animal, but to also leave him in this arctic cold? I would like to meet the person that thought this was OK to do.

These precious animals are domesticated, which means we humans have to care for them. They cannot fend for themselves, and if that human couldn’t have taken care of this little dog, then why did he or she have him? There is no excuse for this kind of abuse because any shelter would have taken him and made him safe, warm and fed.

I can’t imagine the suffering this dog went through before getting his release from a vet who euthanized him. I hope they find who did this and make him or her pay a hefty price for this abuse.

Please, people, if you can’t take care of a pet, then don’t get one.

Gloria Lewis



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