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Jim Kershner’s this day in history

From our archives, 100 years ago

Significant news arrived for the region’s Catholics: Spokane had been raised to a bishopric.

A new diocese had been created in Eastern Washington, with Spokane as its center. Plans were underway to choose the first bishop of Spokane.

The Catholic Bulletin announced the news.

“Spokane is a populous, enterprising and prosperous city – one of the rapidly growing cities of the West,” the journal said.

“It has a large Catholic population. There are eight parishes within its confines, equipped with churches, schools, academies and other institutions under the charge of religious. There also is located Gonzaga University, in charge of the Jesuit fathers.”

Speculation was already underway as to which of Spokane’s Catholic churches would be made a cathedral.

The most likely, the paper said, was Our Lady of Lourdes, because its location was most central.

From the divorce beat: William McCoy, in answer to a divorce petition from his wife, had an unusual defense.

He said that he did not come home drunk numerous times, as she alleged. He came home drunk only twice, and one of those times, she had been drunk, too.


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