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The Slice: Valentine’s Day tends to bring out her true colors

Darlene Sannes, 76, proves she belongs in the coloring contest.
Darlene Sannes, 76, proves she belongs in the coloring contest.

You might say Darlene Sannes is an unlikely rebel.

The 76-year-old grandmother worked as a grocery checker, helped operate a convenience store and spent years seeing the country in an RV.

But when something’s not right, she is willing to speak out. And Sannes, who lives in west Spokane near a bend in the river, has found a cause.

It’s her view that the Today section’s valentine coloring contest discriminates against those who are over the age of 12.

“Why can’t we have a contest for all ages?” she wrote below the valentine she had clipped from the paper, colored and mailed in. “A lot of us seniors like to color, paint, etc.”

Sannes told me she has been coloring the features section’s annual valentine template for years. This is just the first time she went ahead and sent it in.

She is not happy with her 2014 effort. Said she’s done much better. But who knows? Maybe when 2015 rolls around, the February coloring contest will have a seniors division and she can try again.

In the meantime, Today section readers can look for some of the kids’ entries in Thursday’s newspaper.

Warm-up question: What were the protocols for exchanging Valentines when you were in grade school? A) We decorated shoe boxes (to be festive receptacles) and each kid in the class gave one to every other kid, regardless of gender. B) Brutal popularity contest. C) It was the Dawn of the Mean Girl. D) It was when children first encountered the pressure of appropriately expressing affection in writing. E) Other.

Today’s Slice question: What do you do when getting stuck with a needle in a medical setting? A) Look away. B) Stare at the spot where you are about to be punctured. C) Ho-hum the whole thing. D) Whisper to the person handling the procedure … “Stead-eeeee … Stead-eeeee …” E) Close your eyes and silently start reciting the Gettysburg Address. F) Look away and hum a few bars of Journey’s “Only the Young.” G) Other.

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