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We don’t have the money

Evidently without a clue about the basic economics that we cannot indefinitely spend more than we bring in – now more than 40 cents per dollar – without suffering an inevitable collapse as the consequence, we have no shortage of letter writers (e.g., Kristen Johnson, Feb. 5, pro foreign aid) with their starry-eyed, well-meaning, but misdirected advocacy for their favorite, or proposed, endless government handout and giveaway programs, and all of the waste, fraud and abuse that always accompany them.

First, we need to hear how they intend to pay for all of that without adding to the $17 trillion debt, or raising taxes on the 53 percent again (don’t forget that state and local governments want more too), or how they propose that we meet our massive unfunded obligations.

In the meantime, are we left with praying that our unresponsive politicians will turn all of this around before they turn us into another Greece. Or will we convene a state legislature-initiated Article V convention to amend and restore our Constitution and country so that this never happens again, and to regain control of our government?

Mark McFall

Colbert, Wash.

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