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Intermountain Community Bancorp

Holding company for Panhandle State Bank

Stock symbol: IMCB
Reporting period: 4Q

Profit of $6.1 million

93 cents per share

Versus 4Q 2012:

Profit of $909,000

14 cents per share

Deposits: $706 million, compared with $748.9 million in 4Q 2012.
Interest-earning assets (average): $849.3 million for 2013. Interest-costing liabilities (average) totaled $806.7 million, down from $825.9 million in 2012.
Analysis: Commercial real estate, land development, agricultural and residential real estate nonperforming assets decreased from the prior quarter, reflecting sales and collection activity. Commercial loans registered a slight increase. Most nonperforming assets are in the North Idaho/Eastern Washington region.


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