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Jim Kershner’s this day in history

From our archives, 100 years ago

You’ll be surprised at which game the McKinley Grade School principal banned “as an insidious form of gambling which is playing havoc with our younger generation.”


Specifically, he was referring to “marbles for keeps,” in which the winner got to keep the marbles he won. The principal said it had become an obsession with the boys and that “the only way to do away with the evil is to abolish the game altogether.”

The principal asked for a vote of the parents on the issue, and all except one voted to abolish all forms of marbles.

“If parents wish their children to play marbles in their own back yard, they can do so, but I am strongly opposed to boys playing anywhere except under the eye of an older person,” said the principal.

“From now on, I will permit no boys to bring marbles into the McKinley School.”

If he found any marbles, he would confiscate them. In other words, they would now be the principal’s marbles – for keeps.

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