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Sat., Feb. 15, 2014, midnight

Snow removal problematic

As a resident of Spokane, I am troubled by the way the city has handled the problem of snow-plowing roads and dumping the snow back onto the sidewalks. I am concerned about the lack of safety for those that need to use the sidewalks: people that have a handicap or use a wheelchair to get around, or the elderly.

For most of these people, the only way for them to get around is to wait on the sidewalk for public transportation to come and pick them up. If these people have to wait out on the streets because the sidewalks are snow-covered, this can cause a big safety issue not only for them but also for the drivers out on the roads.

Most of us have experienced the pleasure of having to shovel our sidewalks and walkways to help out, but it is very frustrating when after shoveling the snowplows come and push the snow back. My suggestion is to shovel the snow into a designated area. Hopefully, the city can have a better solution.

Douglaas Schnepel


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