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Sat., Feb. 15, 2014, midnight

Tea party misunderstood

Although I missed Sally Jackson’s Feb. 1 letter apparently extolling the accomplishments of the president, Lou Baldwin’s (“Extremism undermines GOP,” Feb. 7) granted that President Obama has done much “for” our nation – whether it is good or not is still up for debate.

I do have a question for those who share Baldwin’s viewpoint: Have they ever attended a tea party rally or meeting? Or do they simply get their opinions from CNN and MSNBC? It’s doubtful anyone who has attended a meeting or rally could actually cite one legitimate radical or extremist act or position of tea party attendees. If they could, I would like to see someone, even the mainstream media, provide actual evidence of radicalism or extremism.

Simply because a person or group of like-minded Americans believe in limited government, fiscal responsibility, personal liberty, individual responsibility, God, guns and Bibles, and agree with the intent of America’s founders and the intent of the Constitution, does not make them radical thinkers or extremists. It only makes them Americans.

Those who have never attended a tea party rally need to get out into their community and surrounding communities more and see for themselves what is really going on.

William Rawley


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