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Who wants our guns?

We live in a region where people do think the government is going to come to our door and take our guns. Who doesn’t know that? My question is: What government is coming? I know plenty of Spokane Police Department and National Guard members and, trust me, they are not going to take our guns. They have guns.

I wonder who belongs to this elusive government. I’ve got it. The National Rifle Association is talking about the Russian or Chinese government. That’s who’s coming to our door to take our guns. That makes more sense to me. The “Red Dawn” scenario is probably being planned as I write this.

There are two hot-button issues in this country: guns and abortion. Neither can be mentioned without logic leaving the room. As far as I can tell, the NRA is against any gun control: cop-killer bullets, machine guns or rocket launchers.

I wonder why all of the legitimate gun stores don’t support background checks. They have to do it; why wouldn’t they want everyone else to do it? Plus, it’s not just law-abiding citizens who legally buy guns. As we have seen too many times, nutjobs buy guns too.

Douglas Bacon



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