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Sun., Feb. 16, 2014

End freeway delay

Our Spokane County community needs to stop bickering and solve the North Spokane Corridor problem. Those remaining in unsold properties in Hillyard and the Interstate 90 connection zone live in fear as their property values decline, traffic worsens on Division Street, and Olympia continues to fight.

Losing a home is something horrible that shouldn’t be forced on anyone, but the freeway will be for the greater good of the community. By the same token, those in Olympia need to realize they are not dealing with just dollars and cents, but people.

To end the struggle, government needs to offer more than current value. A payment amounting to the average price of homes with the same square footage in Spokane County will offset the dropping property value and compensate the families. Those individuals should take the now fair deal and finally put an end to this 70-year struggle.

Some lengthy Spokane residents may be forced to move far away, and some politicians will lose seats or disappoint their counterparts, but fair compensation will put an end to the 70-year-old problem.

Zachary Coop


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