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Sun., Feb. 16, 2014

Leash your dogs

To the inconsiderate, self-centered dog owners who ignore the leash law because they just don’t feel like obeying it: Have you ever considered that no one is around when your dog is running off leash in the park because they are uncomfortable sharing the park with a dog who may or may not be friendly?

No one in the park except you knows your dog. The reason we have leash laws is to make public parks safe and comfortable for everybody.

There are plenty of us who prefer to walk or run or sit in our parks without dogs running with us, jumping on us or licking us to death, as it was put in the Feb. 13 article on the leash law.

Although I don’t own a dog now, I have had dogs for most of my life. If I wanted them to run free, I went to a dog park. That’s why we have dog parks.

Cyndy Nasman


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