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Sun., Feb. 16, 2014

Stroke may not be obvious

Regarding the Feb. 7 Associated Press article: I would like to add that not all strokes show themselves with the typical symptoms. My wife had a brain stem stroke three days after her mother passed away.

Despite the two RNs in the family that saw her, we all failed to see it. She had no slurring, no weak arm and no facial drooping; just extreme dizziness and vertigo. She was vomiting (she never vomits), and she also complained that she saw two different pictures from her eyes, like a projector with film slipping on its cog wheels. When we got her to the hospital the next day, the doctors told me how lucky we were, as brain stem strokes are usually fatal.

It has been three years now, and because of great home health care she has mostly recovered, but still has trouble with her balance and vision. Please do not hesitate if someone has extreme dizziness or headaches: Get them to the hospital.

Wendell Smith


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