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Mon., Feb. 17, 2014, midnight

Gun ban convenient

Regarding the Feb. 11 article about the individual illegally carrying a gun on the North Idaho College campus: Why does anyone expect an emotionally disturbed person with a criminal history that includes drug use to obey a “no guns at school” rule?

This was not a good example of why they oppose the policy in legislation that would, if passed, supersede local rules allowing card-carrying good guys – including retired cops – to carry legally on a campus. This was a good example that rule or law will not stop this type of person from carrying a gun on campus, much less any criminal activity they may have in mind.

The statement “If they’re not in uniform, they’re not supposed to have the gun on campus” is clear: Uniformed security or police are good, anyone else with a gun is a bad guy. Forget criminal intent or behavior. If you are a legal citizen with a gun, you are lumped in with true criminals.

This thinking could prompt a book, “Policing for Idiots.” This attitude is really about what is easier for the college administration, not what is best for students.

Robert Smith

Post Falls

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