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Lawmakers out of touch

Here it is, the week of Presidents Day. It doesn’t surprise me to learn (from free speech TV only; you won’t hear it on mainstream media) that Congress is taking another week off for the holiday.

This is on the heels of voting against extended emergency unemployment benefits for more than 1.3 million people (and counting) as of Dec. 31. A new bought-off Congress is now sporting more millionaires in the Senate and House of Representatives than ever before. They have no problem or concerns for those who may be literally looking for a residence under a bridge, or trying to keep warm this winter due to benefit losses. It is nothing short of a disgrace to this nation.

Recently, I tried contacting a representative in my state of Idaho. I left messages with seven of them, of which only two called back after about two weeks. I was frustrated with the lack of concern. Has democracy really left the room? We can only give the credit to our U.S. Supreme Court justices for passing Citizens United. Now, money is speech and corporations are people. How’s that working for us?

Bonnie Bogart-Brown

Plummer, Idaho


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