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Wed., Feb. 19, 2014

More to rate request

By the information Avista placed in The Spokesman-Review Feb. 5, they are requesting a $4.89-a-month electricity rate increase for each residential customer. It seems to me that this may not be the correct cost it will cost the people. They do not say what the rate increase will be for businesses, schools or other public places.

When the businesses get an increase, they have to pass the cost on to the public. When the schools or other public get a cost increase, it will be passed on to the taxpaying public. They do say that the increase will be for needed capital projects.

Last year, it was in the paper that Avista bought a plant in Alaska. The company should have used that money for updating other stuff instead of wanting the ratepayers to do it.

Larry Haydon

Creston, Wash.

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