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Monumentally proud

Stand tall, America!

I just saw “The Monuments Men.” It’s a pity reviewers panned this film with comments such as a “puff piece” and “shallow.” A few weeks ago, a television talk show featured all the lead actors in a chit-chat session. The comment from most of the stars: “I never knew this colossal event of World War II existed.” So much for history as viewed by Hollywood’s superstars. However, their performances as storytellers were outstanding!

As for a puff piece, yes, my chest was puffed out at the movie’s end, with a tear or two accompanying my broad smile.

Please see the book and documentary film “The Rape of Europa” for a deeper insight into the movie’s real life heroes, especially Cate Blanchett’s character, Rose Valland, one of the most decorated women in French history. During the occupation of France and while working as a curator at the Jeu de Paume, she kept a meticulous diary of where art stolen from France was shipped by the Nazis.

America stands tallest when helping others. The recipients of this help are reminded of our generosity, courage and determination via movies like “The Monuments Men” and books like “The Rape of Europa.”

Paul Zimmerman



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