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Thu., Feb. 20, 2014, midnight

Moratorium applauded

I applaud Gov. Jay Inslee’s concern for justice as shown by the death penalty moratorium. Can a system ever be deemed just that is inherently unfair, costs far more (about $800,000 per case) than safe alternatives and risks killing innocent people (143 exonerated, so far)?

Justice is not served when we randomly choose who to kill based on race, poverty or crime location. Death row prisoners are often not the worst killers. Death sentences are clearly random and fall disproportionately upon the poor and people of color. Is that justice?

Most of us never know the anguish of a loved one murdered, but I do know victims’ family members who are strongly opposed to the death penalty. Why? They don’t want another family to experience the pain they have suffered; nor have they found it brings closure.

Execution victimizes one more family and perpetuates the cycle of violence. How does another killing honor the memory of the victim? Is this justice or merely vengeance?

If we truly believe in a system of equal justice, we will protect society through life-without-parole sentencing, save precious tax dollars and avoid killing the innocent by replacing capital punishment with safe and just alternatives.

Nancy Nelson


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