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No food stamp police

I’ve read “Food stamps abused” from Dick Just (Feb. 9). Just is all in favor of helping those who really need help, just not overweight women. Just by standing in the grocery line, he has the ability to know just how the purchase of someone in front of him is going to be used. He apparently knows for a fact that the overweight woman in front of him buying premium ice cream and soda is buying it for her own consumption. I find that amazing.

Is it possible that the ice cream and soda were being purchased for a birthday party? Is it possible that all items were on sale and she took advantage of the sale to give her kids a treat? Is Just saying that because you are overweight you shouldn’t be on food stamps, or you shouldn’t be buying ice cream and soda?

I do agree that there is abuse of food stamps, and there should be more checks and balances on who receives them. I don’t, however, think we need to have food stamp police at the grocery store determining what can be bought with those food stamps.

Paula Smith



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