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Sat., Feb. 22, 2014, midnight

If only it were Romney

Every time I see Mitt Romney on TV, I cannot help thinking about how much better our country would be if Mitt had won the presidency. I think of all the pain that President Obama has inflicted on our country and all the lies he has told us.

Mitt would not have hurt our country financially; he would not have allowed Obamacare to be the disaster it has been; he would not have divided our country; Benghazi would not have been the cover-up that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Obama lied about; our relations with foreign countries would be better; the IRS scandal would not have happened; our country’s debt would not have skyrocketed; more people would have been held responsible for their own lives, rather than given a free pass at our expense in order to buy votes.

Mitt Romney had the managerial skills and integrity to lead our country in the direction that the United States has been so proud and respected for. Obama is not honest or qualified; Mitt was both. We needed a professional, not an amateur ideologue. Hillary will be more of Obama.

Roy Tiefisher

Coeur d’Alene

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